District Master

District Master

They are the men who have chosen to embrace the Order’s fourth principle of patriotism, the men who lead the efforts to reach out to veterans and active military and to embody the fact that one can be a faithful Catholic and be a faithful patriotic citizen. 

When the Knights of Columbus was founded in 1882, three principles united its members: charity, unity, and fraternity. At that time people feared that members of the Catholic faith owed their entire allegiance to the Church and could not be trusted as citizens of their country. Patriotism was added to the Order’s principles in 1900, based on the idea that Knights are loyal to both God and country. 

Members who wish to live out patriotism together can join “the Fourth Degree.” Members of this degree have the special honor of holding the title “Sir Knight,” participating in color and honor guards and organizing programs that promote Catholic citizenship and are considered the ‘most visible arm of the Knights of Columbus’. They also become part of a Fourth Degree Assembly consisting of over 5,000 Sir Knights in New Jersey. Additionally, there are more than 3,500 Fourth Degree assemblies around the world. The First District, I and over 5,000 Brother Sir Knights welcome you to take the next step and honor your Church and Flag and become a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus.

Fraternally yours,

James DeLuccia, District Master

First New Jersey District

Knights of Columbus